Latest Updates

Multiworld V0.65 12/06/2020


  • Adventure Mode Announced
  • Note: Multiworld is going to run on lots of different subdomains on every world to reduce singular file size. If I made one website, It wouldn't load, taking from experience from pyo world that would take 5 minutes to load and load incorrectly. This also means I can have more people on Multiworld at one time because it will have a different server ID for each website

Multiworld V0.6 05/06/2020

  • Admins can now fly
  • New Pvp World
  • Pvp Swords
  • Multiplayer bugs fixed
  • Login page
  • Admin Monitor Console
  • Chat names/ ranks

Multiworld V0.5 04/06/2020

  • Multiverse Mingame Lobby started!
  • New PVP mechanic with damage meter and screen shake
  • Chat automatically scrolls to bottom
  • Bug fixed where chat box would delete when someone else types

Multiworld V0.4 03/06/2020

  • Shaders, and sun rays
  • lobby redesigned
  • Characters now have breathing animation
  • Titlescreen made
  • Website made:

Multiworld V0.3 02/06/2020

  • Character Chooser V1 Complete
  • Real Time Sky
  • World Made bigger

Multiworld V0.2.5 29/05/2020

  • Artists started designing Characters
  • Skin Uploader Confirmed
  • Character/skin chooser started development

Multiworld V0.2 28/05/2020

  • Online chat system working
  • 1st World design created
  • The screen scrolls to your player

Multiworld V0.1 27/05/2020

  • Multiplayer working
  • Players stop shaking
  • Players can move around screen

Pyo Script V0.1 16/05/2020

• Numbers will not have commands, instead they will be used for variables and coords

• Commands [A, B, C] Created

• PyoScript Docs Created View