Multiworld is an online multiplayer game made for me and my friends by me and my friends!


You can find all the updates for Multiworld on the Update Log Page

The expected Release date of Version 1.0 is the end of June (This is not confirmed)


Skin Template
Use this to make your skins and make sure to delete the layer afterwards.
MultiWorld Skin Template.png
Portable Network Image Format 269.3 KB

Have a skin you want to be made into an official character? Send it to me at and I will most likely make it into one!

House Construction

Want a house in the multiverse? For most likely free or a tiny fee (depends on space left) I will make you a house! Please send me an email to and I will see what I can do.

Email Template
Your Name (what will be displayed on house)

A drawing of what house looks like

Size of house (how many floors)

Area (What area would you like it to be?)

I will try to email you back with the house details.

House Policies Apply


Want an Advert on one of the bulletin boards? Send me a picture of what you want on it and The bulletin board number (#1234) to

Multiworld Advert Policies Apply

Source Code

Source Code will be avalible as soon as version 1.0 comes out. It will be avalible on my Patreon!